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Halloween is just around the corner! Soon children everywhere will be dressed up as some of their favorite characters, creatures, and all kinds of wonderful, amazing and maybe even scary costumes! They'll go up and down the streets, house to house, getting all kinds of delicious treats as they say "Trick or Treat". A very exciting night! Disney is all set with their new line of costumes, and Payton can be seen on their website for both the Spiderman and Peter Pan costumes!!! For his Spiderman shoot, Payton not only got to dress up like him, but he also got to act like him for some fantastic action shots! As Peter Pan he got to do a family photoshoot, and had lots of fun with his pretend Tinkerbell and Captain Hook family! Disney loves the family shots so much that they've even used them in their emails to their customers, how cool is that! Fantastic job Payton!!

Not only can Payton be seen on the website and in emails for Disney, he can also be seen in a promotional video for their costumes!!! Payton is dressed as Spiderman in the video, demonstrating some of the comic book hero's classic poses and...in one shot we get to see Payton as he takes off the mask. Its great getting to see Payton in the costume without the mask for the video, and just love how good he is at posing as one of the most popular superheroes. What's really neat is that not only is this video on their website too, but...it is currently being shown on a huge screen above the Disney Store in Times Square! Just think of how many people each and every day are seeing Payton's work as they go about shopping and sightseeing!

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