Target & Happy New Year!! :: 02 Jan 2011 :: posted by lisa

Welcome to 2011!!! Hard to believe its already here!!! 2010 was such a blast, and while its sad to see it go, its also fun to see what the future has ahead. And while speaking of what's ahead...have a little feeling that as you continue reading, you'll learn a bit more about Payton's latest job! Payton recently shot for Target, not once, but twice! How great is that!!! Now you may be wondering....was that photo I passed last time with a boy in a green shirt and glasses Payton, like I thought it might be?'re right!! His image can be seen in Target stores! Payton also shot for their holiday campaign alongside his big sister Ava! Always so sweet when siblings get to work together, and of course, fun!!

We'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!! and best wishes for 2011! It's going to be a very fantastic year!

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