Welcome to Payton's Official Website! :: 23 Aug 2010 :: posted by Sophie

Welcome to Payton Rodger's Official Website! Please feel free to look around & learn more about this talented little boy. We have a Guestbook, so please feel free to leave us a message or ask any questions. I am sure Payton's family would love to hear from you. At the beginning of the year Payton shot for Target and Pottery Barn Kids, the pictures have now surfaced and Payton did a FANTASTIC job! The pictures are so cute and expressive I would definitely buy whatever they are selling! Payton also got new headshots taken by the amazing Colette Cugno as you can see from the selects featured in the layout they came out great and I am sure these will help yield some bookings very shortly! Please click on the thumbnails below to view them:

You may have also noticed if you have already headed on over to the Videos Page that Payton shot not one, but TWO commercials that recently aired this summer. The first is for Little Tykes and the second for Miracle Whip! GO PAYTON! He does such a brilliant job in both of them especially in the Little Tykes spot where he gets a quite a bit of screentime! Make sure you go and check those out on our Videos Page!

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